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At Madeley Heath Motors we don't just sell great vehicles, we also buy them! If you looking to sell your vehicle and would like a valuation please fill out the form below and we'll come back to you with our very best valuation!

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Car Registration
The registration number of your car
Log Book
Is the V5 Registration Document (Log Book) present with the vehicle?
Write Off/Public Vehicle
Has your vehicle ever been subject to an insurance write off or used for private hire, rental, driving tuition or as a police vehicle?
Previous Owners
How many previous owners has this vehicle had?
Service History
What service history is present with the vehicle?
Personalised Registration
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Imported Vehicles
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Car Mileage
How many miles has your car travelled?
Exterior Condition
What is the state of the outside of your car?
Mechanical Condition
To the best of your knowledge, what is the state of the mechanics and electrics of your car?
Interior Condition
What is the state of the interior of your car?